Coryell County Burn Ban Update 24 SEPTEMBER 2018

Currently, there is No Coryell County Burn Ban in effect. Conditions will be assessed on a daily basis to determine the need for a Burn Ban to continue. As a reminder, no burning is permitted if winds are forecast to be 23 mph or greater. Citizens are asked to contact the County Sheriff’s office to alert them that a burn will be conducted, 254-865-7201.


Coryell County citizens are reminded that all outdoor burning is required to comply with the State Outdoor Burning Rule, Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Sections 111.201 through 111.221 and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (T.C.E.Q.) guidance, RG-049 dated August 2007.

Citizens are asked to contact the County Sheriff’s Office at (254) 865-7201, to alert them that a controlled outdoor burn will be conducted.  Citizens are reminded that standard State restrictions remain in effect.

T.C.E.Q. rules also state that a fire must be attended by a responsible person at all times during the active burning phase and that no burning is to begin sooner than one hour after sunrise and must be completed on the same day no later than one hour before sunset.  Citizens are urged to use extreme caution and responsible judgment.  The T.C.E.Q. publishes guidance document to assist in interpreting the Outdoor Burning Rule in Texas.