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The government of Coryell County welcomes and invites you to explore this website for a comprehensive guide to Elected Officials, County and District services, and general information about Coryell County.

CoryellCounty.org has been designed to provide information to the public for the multitude of government services provided in Coryell County. This website is continually reviewed for enhancements to make your visit as productive as possible.

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Jury & Court Information

Jurors are summoned randomly and must be American citizens and residents of Coryell County. Please read your juror summons for information detailing special circumstances allowing exemption from jury duty. If you are summoned for jury duty, please call the Jury Information Line (noted on your summons) the evening before your scheduled service for a recorded juror message. Occasionally, cases will settle before a scheduled jury trial and the recorded message will advise whether your appearance is necessary. Jurors may park for free around the Courthouse.

Jury Announcements

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