Pursuant to Texas Agriculture Code Sec 144.04:

Each person who owns cattle, hogs, sheep, or goats shall record that person’s earmarks, brands, tattoos, and electronic devices with the county clerk of the county in which the animals are located.

(b) "A person who owns a horse shall record an identification mark authorized by Section 144.011 (b) with the County clerk of the county in which the animal is located."

(d) "A person may record that person’s marks and brands in as many counties as necessary."

(e) "A person may record any mark or brand that the person desires to use IF NO OTHER PERSON HAS RECORDED THE MARK OR BRAND,"

The code directs that brands expire six months after August 30, 1981 and of every 10th year thereafter. CURRENT RECORDED BRANDS EXPIRE SIX MONTHS AFTER AUGUST 30, 2021.

To record a brand in Coryell County Clerk’s Office you will need to come into the courthouse. The staff will research the brand to see if it has been recorded by anyone else in this county, if not you will draw the brand and the clerk will scan that into the database and record the information for your brand in the BRAND RECORDS of the County.  After recording the clerk will forward the copy of the association authorized to inspect livestock under 7J.S.C. Section 217a.

FEE FOR RECORDING (one location $26.00)