Jobs for Vets/Training for Businesses

Contact Information:
Coryell County Economic Development Board
Mary Beth Harrell, President (254) 680-4655 

Gatesville, TX – At the January 15th 2015 meeting of the Coryell County Economic Development Board the Director, Director of Continuing Education from Central Texas College, Teresa Chavez,  announced an initiative between CTC and the Texas Workforce Commission to create jobs for veterans and supply a skilled and ready workforce for the state's most high-demand industries.  The “Veteran and Industry Partnership” or VIP program delivers training to veterans throughout Texas in key industry occupations. 

All eligible US veterans will have the opportunity to participate in VIP program. To register for a program, veterans must provide a copy of their DD214 to demonstrate an honorable discharge from the military. The VIP program covers tuition cost and veterans will only need to pay for books. Eligible veterans may receive approximately $2000.00 for classes.

“Coryell County has a higher than average unemployment rate and any opportunity to better equip our veterans to be successful in the workplace is a high priority” Eric Kietzer, CCEDB board member and VP at the National Bank.

“The VIP program is designed to help soldiers translate their military training, skills and experience into the civilian language and civilian jobs” states Chavez. Teresa Chavez serves on the Advisory Committee to the Economic Development Board.

Coryell County is very proud to serve as home to Fort Hood and many soldiers exiting the military would like to stay in the area if they can find work. The CCEDB would like to help this talented workforce remain in our county for the betterment of all.

To check your eligibility or register for classes, call the Continuing Education office (254) 526-1586 or visit building 136, room 139 at the CTC campus in Killeen.


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